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Horizontal Directional Drilling Overview
Prep and Planning
All existing utilities are marked and test pitted to determine a safe bore path.  Once we determine the inverts
of the conflicting utilities they can be safely avoided by steering the drilling head.

The Process
(1) The HDD crew will begin by making a 6” pilot hole.  Actual depths and location of the drilling head  will be
tracked using a walkover radio wave location device.

(2) After a successful pilot hole is completed, the HDD crew will begin to make the hole larger.  This process
is known as pre-reaming.  Several passes will be necessary to enlarge the hole to 1.4 times the size of the

(3) The Drilling fluid may vary depending on the soil.  However, a typical mix  would include three bags of
high yield bentonite per 750 gallons of fresh water.  A viscosifier, stabilizer, and/or polymer may be added if
deemed necessary by the HDD crew.  

(4) A HDPE pulling head will be attached to the product pipe by means of butt-fusion.  This will seal the end
of the pipe and allow the pipe to be connected to the drill string.  After the product pipe is installed the
pulling head will simply be cut off.

(5) During the installation of the product pipe, some drilling fluid will be forced from the hole as the product
pipe occupies its space.  This fluid will be gathered in a receiving pit and collected with a vacuum system.  
After the installation of the product pipe, the remaining drill fluid will set up around the pipe acting as a grout.
Horizontal Directional Drilling is by far the most popular form of trenchless technology used today.   It provides
a cost-effective alternative to more traditional open-cut methods of construction.  It can increase production
while decreasing restoration time and expenses,making HDD the preferred trenchless choice of all utility

This web site provides a broad overview of HDD as a method.  Every job is unique and contains its' own set of
challenges.  Please feel free to contact me.  I am always available to discuss your project needs.

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